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Fill out a simple form and we'll do the rest


Fill out a simple form and we'll do the rest

Loan approval in minutes


Loan approval in minutes

The best rates

The best rates

Quality and convenience

COMPASS financing from Auto one Srls

Car loans are a type of loan aimed at purchasing a car, for those who do not have the liquidity necessary to pay for it in a single instalment. Like motorcycle loans, they can be requested from banks or offered by the dealership at the time of sale.

Are you thinking of buying a car with financing? Calculating the car loan on Auto one Srls is very simple! It will be enough for you:

Enter the amount required to purchase the car with financing.
Evaluate the proposals of our partner banks and identify the right one for you among the best car loans on our site.
Proceed with the request directly with the bank, starting the procedure on Auto one Srls!!
Thanks to our agreements with the most important banks in Italy, we are able to offer you the offer with the cheapest installment for your life goals every day! For the purchase of your next car you can consider both a personal loan and a salary-backed loan, if possible for you.

Are you still looking for the car? So, in addition to checking the market for your favorite model, why not also take a look at our long-term rental offers? Who knows, you might find exactly the model you wanted!

Have you already found your future car? Then you're in the right place! Search among the offers below for the best one based on the condition of the car; then complete the quote for the car loan on Auto one Srls and find out how much you will pay in monthly instalment.

Have you identified your next car in the new one? Well, calculate the car loan directly on our Auto one Srls website!

Are you looking for a used car instead? That's fine too! You can get a quote for car financing regardless of its condition.

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